Andrea Lubrano, Eli Goldstein and Irene Mogollón
The story of a family who loves food and electronic music.

The DJ Cookbook was born out of the marriage of a chef and a DJ and has grown into a family affair. Founded by three electronic music lovers, our mission is to provide a platform for electronic music beyond clubs and to explore the relationship between culture, food and music.

Food nourishes the body and music nourishes the soul.
One is essential to life and the other enhances it.

"The DJ Cookbook is a place off the decks showcasing DJs humanity. That's where I'd like to be, in between dinner and the club." -Andrea Lubrano

"Mixing food and mixing records are both all about the ingredients. Great chefs and DJs bring a developed taste that’s uniquely their own." -Eli Goldstein

"There is no greater social bonding activity than sharing music and food. The DJ Cookbook allows me to do both."
-Irene Mogollón