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Adeline: Expanding in Conciousness
5 Min Read

Adeline: Expanding in Conciousness

Dec 20
5 Min Read

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of getting deep with Adeline. A fiercely spiritual DJ whose elevated frequencies resonate, at their core, with the current vibrations of the earth. One could say she is an advocate for self-love and elevating consciousness without fear of doing the work. Here she tells us all about going sober, her relationship to plant medicine and most importantly her predictions for 2020, which according to her are really, really good. Like intergalactic good!

We hope you enjoy this interview and come back for more DJCB in 2020!

Love, Happiness and Gratitude to all.

Q: Tell us about your journey from radio DJ to international DJ and what role food and plants have played in it.

A: I would say the past 10 years have been about growing and learning. Working with plant medicine and going vegan hasn’t really been a choice but more of an organic development.

Q: Tell us more about plant medicine?

A: It’s been a while now since my first ceremony. I feel like these things call you in, they will land upon your path once you’re ready. So for me I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different types of plant medicines for years. Somehow, if you raise your consciousness and become more aware and connected to nature and the world we live in, you also feel more responsible with your own body; we really are what we eat. For me (coming from a non-judgement place) the smell of certain types of meat smell like death. Here in Barcelona, for example, are many open markets with hunks of meat laying on the table, I have to hold my nose in order to run in and grab water or whatever. That was something I wasn’t considering before, but somehow the responsibility for your own body and the world it lives in is growing, and I can’t go back to what life used to be like before hand.

Q: What rituals do you use to stay grounded on and off the road and how do you make sense of this hedonistic lifestyle that can be the DJ world?

A: I’ve been on this journey of getting more and more sober, but the funny thing is, the more sober I become from external sources like drugs and alcohol, the higher I become on life. I’ve been able to stay out until 4-5pm the day after being totally sober, simply vibing on the music and people. Also, I’ve been meditating for many many years and I think that’s been helping me to really connect with my true identity. In the past, alcohol helped me become more confident and outgoing but now it has the reverse effect. If I have a couple of drinks I become self-conscious and not as nice as I’d like to be. So for me, to stay grounded now I just need to stay sober. Which is funny cause when I started going out in my late teens, and I think that’s the case for many, I would have a drink to loosen up and have fun. But I’ve come out the other side now and it just has the opposite effect on me. I’m a raver by nature and now I know that that raver doesn’t feed off of drugs and alcohol but music. If the music is good there is nothing that can stop me. The music is the high!

Q: How did you land on meditation, did you grow up practicing?

A: No, not at all. I’m the black sheep of the family. I went through some big life changes, we all have and when we do we have a choice of growing or escaping. And growing is mainly a painful approach but I choose that way. So meditation has been a way to understand and I suppose get in touch with what really matters to me in life.

Q: What are you into cooking these days?

A: Actually, my go-to recipe is some type of quinoa bowl with avocado and my favorite spices, which are super simple like: coconut flakes, water and turmeric. To that you can add garlic and ginger for example (or anything, really) but the magic is in the combination of coconut flakes and turmeric, it just makes anything taste amazing.

Q: What do you listen to when you cook?

A: I listen to frequencies of different types. The frequency of the infinite intelligence or maybe the frequency of infinite love. That’s my background music if I need any at home that’s what I listen too.

Q: Tell us about your past project with Le Fleur called Housewives and who you grew to be because of it ?

A: Well, that’s one of the relationships in my life that taught me the most, because when you spend so much time together and you share your passions and you also share your career, especially in this business, when you travel, you might share a hotel room, you know. The other person is always a mirror for you, you get to see yourself from a very intense perspective. I liked it so much and it’s been super important relationship for me even though that was about 10 years ago. Maybe we will make a come back one day soon. I just released a remix for her, it’s our first official collaboration since Housewives, but I see more coming.

Q: Any advice for young female artists in this DJ world?

A: Yeah! I think the most important thing is to really really love and support any female artist that you come across. I think this is where the real change is happening. Come together, we’ve been spread out since history, but the key is in the unity. This can also be applied on an individual level, women unite!

Q: What do you see happening in 2020 on every level; musically, spiritually?

A: I think 2020 is going to be the year of explosions, basically. This has been the year of all falling into place and last year was loads of movement. Now all is getting aligned because in 2020 we’re all gonna jump on this rocket and go to space. So I see very good things coming in 2020, I think it’s going to be a wonderful year not just for myself but for all because we’re all going through these changes together. I have loads of music that will come out. I hope to continue traveling and DJing.