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Love Stories...
4 Min Read

Love Stories...

Feb 14
4 Min Read

This Valentine’s, Sabrina López of Vesta Foods sat down with Charlie “Cynce” Levine of Soul Clap and Sophie Dabuzhsky aka SoDabu to chat about what love means for them, what gets their heart thumping and how we can all find our true loves. (Hint: it all starts with self-love).

A Side: Charlie Levine

Any Valentine’s Day plans?

We’ll be DJing at the Miami Soho House with Eli and Nick Monaco. It’s going to be a surprise how we incorporate Valentine’s Day into it. Daytime disco vibes, we’ll play some themed music into it.

How can we warm up? It’s freakin’ CHILLY, even in Florida!

Get somebody you dig and get in- between those sheets, body heat is the #1 way to warm up on V-Day! Maybe someone will let me take their puppy for a walk, or I’ll meet a beautiful mamacita at the Soho House and fall in love. It’s all a mystery. Or a hot water bottle. Just keep a hot water bottle next to you and cuddle with that.

What would a day of universal love look like, maybe even taste like to you?

It would taste like a dank red velvet cupcake; but seriously speaking the world does need more love, one that doesn’t prioritize a money making, capitalist hallmark-holiday. Let’s all think universal love day as one where we all shake our booties till we drop.

Your Valentine’s Day scenario? Play it out for us…

I would want to be wined and dined, that rarely happens. I’d go to the Standard for a spa day. We’d drink rosé and have oysters.

What kind of massage would you get at the Standard Spa?


Your dream Valentine?

Pam Grier! Duh, she’s a classic babebaroony! She’s Foxy Brown!

A story……? Give us a good V-Day story:

You know……..it’s been so long since I’ve celebrated…..no but I hope to walk away from this valentine’s with some stories. I am READY to make beautiful stories.

What are your favorite love songs, in honor of the big V?  
Zapp, Computer Love. Parliament’s  “(You’re a Fish and I’m A) Water Sign” and Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend.”

B Side: Sophie Dabuzhsky

Any Valentine’s Day plans?

Oh you know, the usual: pursuing magic!

What would a day of universal love look like, maybe even taste like to you?

I think it would do more than look and taste like something. I imagine it being a carnival for all the senses… And dancing, lots of dancing.

Who you got love for?

I’ve got mad love for all the people who know how to get down with truth, compassion, joy, integrity, honesty and lightness of being. Create Vibe…. Gather Tribe.

Let’s say a guy takes you out to eat, where would you go, what would you eat?

Hmm, well it depends where we are, right? I don’t have a favorite spot or a favorite food. I also don’t have any spots that I can’t stand nor any food that I wouldn’t chew. So at the moment, I’m craving a fresh and seasonal salad, a most perfect spaghetti carbonara and a piece of skate wing cooked to the chef’s delight, with some scrumptious sides.  

Do you have a good V-Day story?

When I was 7 or 8, and my Russian immigrant mother decided to get in on the Valentine’s Day spirit – and served a red-color-filled meal – complete with shrimp cocktail, meatballs and strawberries. This was very strange – since my mom is definitely not the Hallmark type.

What would your dream Valentine’s Day look like?

Valentine’s Day has never really meant anything to me – other than when I was in 2nd grade and desperate to read a Valentine from my major crush. (And for the sake of story – all his Valentine was: “Dear Sophie, my mom thinks you’re beautiful.” Ha! But to get in the spirit – my dream Valentine’s Day would be somewhere remote and by the water. In this dream scenario, all my closest homies would each have significant others who were equally as amazing, and we’d be a fun-lovin’ crew. We’d have a beach to ourselves and a cozy and spacious home where we could chill, dance, and make and eat food together. We’d all have private space too – for private times.

What are’s your favorite love songs?  

Meshell Ndegeocello “Love Song #1”, Marcia Griffiths “Dreamland” and PM Dawn “I’d Die Without You.”

Any advice for the single gents with aching hearts out there?

Break the ache! Once you get to feeling alive and fulfilled with yourself, the right person will enter your flow.