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Carlo's Kitchen Mix
6 Min Read

Carlo's Kitchen Mix

Jun 1
6 Min Read

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Carlo, the Spanish DJ who’s made a name for himself throughout Europe and now has settled in Berlin to add some summer vibes to the Suol family with the release of his E.P Tres. In this piece he shares his food secrets and childhood memories plus a dope exclusive mix to send us off into summer just in the right way.

We hope you enjoy!

Q: What foods did you grow up eating in Málaga and what childhood memories do those foods evoke? Do you happen to share Picasso’s love for Eel Stew and Omelette Tortilla Niçoise? Or are those dishes not even from Málaga?

A: I grew up eating loads of typical dishes from Málaga and around. The city is surrounded by mountains in the north and by the Mediterranean in the south. This makes a very interesting combination that brings the best of the sea and the mountains to the food. In winter I ate more hot meals like Gazpachuelo, Estofado, Puchero, Croquetas, Caldo de Pintarroja and many more… In summer as it gets really warm I ate lots of easy cold dishes like Salmorejo, Gazpacho, Boquerones Fritos, Tortilla de Patatas, Ensaladilla Malagueña.

These dishes bring me back to the kitchen of my grandmother where she was daily preparing lunch for the entire family. I loved helping her in the kitchen and talking to her about all life related things. I had a very close relationship with her and now I’m very happy I spent that much time in her kitchen as I can almost cook any of her dishes, sadly not as good as her.

In regards to Picasso, I’m afraid these two dishes aren’t from Málaga but we have very similar ones 😉

Q: We hear you have turntables in the kitchen. What did you have for dinner last night, and what were you listening to while you made it? Any songs in particular come to mind?

A: I had broccoli with grilled chicken breast. I was listening to the album from Mo Kolours. This track is my favorite:

Q: Do you see parallels between sound and taste? If so, what are the tastes of the two labels you run Neovinyl and Good Ratio Music as well as the tastes of your new release on Suol?

A: Of course I do! It’s interesting how I have the same creative feelings when I’m making music as I do when I’m cooking.

I see Neovinyl as a happy carrot cake, creamy and sweet. Good Ratio Music is something more elaborate and serious. Probably a steak, we tried to do a premium label with this one.

For my new release in Suol I would definitely go for a full table loaded with summer tapas. Fresh and easy to eat.

Q: We know you’ve bounced around for most of your career between London, Barcelona and now Berlin. If you could only eat at one more place (restaurant/cafe/mother’s kitchen) before you die, where and what would it be?

A: Every time I went back to Málaga my grandma would always prepare my favorite food. Sometimes I would eat this exclusively for the first 3 days of my visit :P. I would do anything to eat this Ratatouille with special fries and fried egg in her living room again, listening to her kitchen radio playing in the background…

Q: Imagine it’s a sunny 25° C spring day in Berlin, how do you make the best of it? Where do you go? Who do you spend it with? And most importantly, what do you cook/eat, tell us all your secrets.

A: I love to go to Tempelhof, I think it is one of the most beautiful places inside the city of Berlin. I have a big gas-grill and a huge pan where I can cook a paella for up to 50 people. My perfect day in this case would be surrounded by all my friends, cooking paella with a cold beer in hand.

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