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Pellon's Kitchen Mix
5 Min Read

Pellon's Kitchen Mix

Oct 26
5 Min Read

Here goes a fun interview we had with DJ and producer Sergio Pellon, director of Parallel Label and other half of the duo Monkey Brothers, on his childhood food memories, favorite restaurants, music and his solo project self-titled Pellon.

We hope you enjoy it along with his exclusive mix!

Pellon’s ‘Harmonies of Glass’ EP (featuring a remix by Mihai Popoviciu) is out today on Parallel Label

Q. What foods did you grow up eating in Santander, Spain and what childhood memories do those foods evoke?

A. Santander is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to gastronomy. There are many things happening around food; and going to restaurants is part of our culture. I grew up eating really good food, including produce, seafood, meat. One of my best memories is going for lunch at my grandmothers house with my brother and sister. My favorite dish she would make was Percebes, a really strange crustacean better known as goose barnacle that grow in the north of Spain. It’s really tasty and a bit expensive but they smell like a piece of the sea.

Q. What did you have for dinner last night? Did you listen to music while you cooked/ate/dined, any song in particular come to mind?

A. Last night my wife, who is a professional cook, made my daughter and I a really good Marmitaco. A dish
with tuna and vegetables very popular in Basque Country. And yes, we cook while listening to music,  normally downtempo or jazz but sometimes something deep is in order.

Q. Do you see parallels between sound and taste? If so, what are the tastes of Pellon as a solo, deeper act?

A. Yes, it is all about Taste. To cook is an art, and the final result depends on how you mix your prime ingredients.
Pellon is a sophisticated dish, using few ingredients.

Q. If you could only eat at one more place (restaurant/cafe/mother’s kitchen) before you die, where and what would it be? Would you eat with others, would you eat alone?

A. I would eat at a Restaurant for sure, an expensive one, and with many friends! Most likely at UMA in Santander.
They cook really tasty food.

Q. Orujo de hierbas? De miel? O crema de orujo? – (Orujo: an herbal liquore from the north of Spain often consumed as a digestive).

A. HIERBAS! It’s my favorite!

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