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Chris Malinchak's Whipped Cream
6 Min Read

Chris Malinchak's Whipped Cream

Dec 3
6 Min Read


Yields: 1 cup

1. Find a goodly sized glass bowl and a whisk. Ideally, the whisk should have a rubber handle. This is
because you are about to put both in the freezer for at least a half-hour! Trust me, you will prefer the rubber when you grab it.

2. Once your bowl and whisk are nice and cold, pour the cream and sugar into the bowl and start stirring! And don’t stop! Gotta keep it up. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, it’s all good. But don’t kid yourself, this is real work! Your arms are gonna burn. You may even want a trusted friend to take over. The more the merrier! You’ll know when it’s ready. Firm and creamy and nice and peaky. About 10 minutes should do. Give or take depending on exactly how you like it. Just feel your way through. And that’s it! Just like that

I love to cook, and I love to eat! Eating “clean” is cool no doubt. It feels good and goes quite well with pecs and abs. But I love food. All food. Desserts are no exception 🙂
A couple of years ago I had some brownies in the oven and on a whim was like, “how about some whipped cream?!” And I mean real whipped cream. Home-made. Heavy-duty, thick and creamy. Figured I’d give it a try! Why not? Sounded like fun, and it was bound to taste better, right? Things always do when you make them with love. So here’s what you do….nothing to it, I promise. So easy and soooo good. And just in time for the holidays! There isn’t anything whipped cream isn’t good on so use your imagination!
– Chris Malinchak

Chris Malinchak’s newest single ‘Pick You Up’ is out on December 4th. It is his fourth release from his upcoming debut album Night Work. A warm, soulful house cut characterized by captivating percussive elements, have a listen HERE preferably with a bowl of something warm and a dollop of his whipped cream 😉

In addition to the recent start of a regular Friday night show on Sirius XM Chill, Chris has also used the lockdown period to launch Friday Night Live, a weekly live performance that sees him play whatever comes to mind/heart on the piano and stream via his Instagram. Check it out!


1 cup (8 oz) heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar

Chris Malinchak