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Extrawelt's Labskaus
5 Min Read

Extrawelt's Labskaus

Nov 13
5 Min Read


Yields: roughly 4 plates

1. Peel and cook potatoes in salted water until they are almost falling apart. Meanwhile, seriously roast the meat and sliced onion. Turn off the heat once the meat starts to get burned.

2. Now throw milk, butter, salt, pepper and ground nutmeg onto the cooked potatoes and mash!

3. Finally put the meat on top of your mash and slightly stir.

4. Serve with pickled beetroot on the side.

5. Done.

Hints: the 10 included hints are carefully refined through trial and error by at least 3 generations!

Hint one: To get the full experience, try to buy fresh, organic ingredients from your local farmer and it will be a better meal, we promise! However, if short on cash or supply, the only things you really need to get drunk afterwords are alcoholic beverages, potatoes, milk, any minced meat, salt and pepper and some pickles.

Hint two: Put the meat with some salt and pepper first and wait until it’s almost well done before putting the onion, otherwise the poor onion will burn.

Hint three: if you use corned beef no additional salt is needed.

Hint four: don’t forget to turn off the heat.

Hint five: you can prepare your mashed potatoes like you always do, we don’t really care.

Hint six: if you put the nutmeg on top of the butter before it is melting the flavor will kindly explode.

Hint seven: do NOT throw the beetroot or the beetroot juice into the mix as told in many other recipes – or it will be a different meal and certainly not approved by Extrawelt!

Hint eight: immediately start drinking while cooking or even before.

Hint nine: if you got rich friends tell them to bring champaign, it fits surprisingly well!

Hint ten and professional advice: try to vary beverages as much as possible during the evening as you will
get drunk earlier and save money in the long run.

Now lets get real:
Put a slightly salted fried egg (sunny side up) and a dash of Worcester sauce on top. Put pickles
and a little Ketchup on the side.

Recommended beverages:
White or red wine, champaign, beer, gin-tonic, bourbon-ginger ale, pastis, pure rum or mezcal…
anything will do.

“This old sailor recipe is cheap and easy to do, very effective before heavy drinking and fully quarantine proof.”~ Extrawelt

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1.5 KG potatoes (mealy potatoes work great but any potato will do)
0.7 KG freshly minced or corned beef (or veggie substitute)
1 medium Onion
200ml Milk
50g Butter
1/2 Nutmeg
Some oil (to roast the meat)
Salt’n Pepper
Pickled Beetroot
Pickled Gherkins (optional)
4 Eggs (optional)
Pickled Herring (optional)
4 Dashes of Worcester sauce (optional)
Ketchup (optional)