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M.I.T.A.'S Alaskan Roll
8 Min Read

M.I.T.A.'S Alaskan Roll

Apr 20
8 Min Read

This Alaskan Roll is the perfect way to start your weekend with friends at home. You will be amazed by the creaminess of the salmon and cream cheese, the freshness of arugula, and the nutty flavor of sesame seeds. I picked this dish because I worked as a sushi man for quite a while, and this is an easy sushi roll to make. You could easily swap ingredients for the filling and create your own. Come and dance with me after you've enjoyed this Alaskan Roll!

4 small portions as appetizers (4 pcs per person)
2 medium portions as an appetizer (8 pcs per person)
1 portion as a main course (16 pcs per person)


160 gr uncooked sushi rice
160 ml filtered water
40 ml sushi seasoning
100 gr sushi-grade salmon (cut in strips)
80 gr cream cheese
20 gr arugula
1 premium quality nori sheet (cut in half)
A sprinkle of sesame seeds

You also need:

Rice cooker (or pan/pot with lid).
Hangiri (traditional wooden bowl to season and to cool down cooked rice) or large bowl.
Shamoji (traditional wooden paddle used to stir and to mix sushi vinegar into the rice) or paddle.
Uchiwa (traditional fan used to cool down sushi rice while mixing in sushi vinegar) or electric/hand fan.
Damp towel.
Makisu (traditional bamboo mat used to roll sushi).


  1. Place the rice in the bowl and wash it under cold tap water. This step is fundamental to getting rid of excess starch and impurities. Once the water runs clear, put the rice in a sieve and let it drain for 30 mins. Put the rice in the rice cooker and add the same amount of water. Let it rest again for 45-60 min.
  2. If using a rice cooker just turn it on and wait until cooked (let it rest, once cooked, for 15 min). If using a pan/pot, place it on medium/high heat with the lid on until it starts boiling (approx 8-9 min) then decrease the heat to a minimum of 4-5 min. Turn off and let it rest for 12-15 min.
  3. Scoop the cooked rice in the Hangiri, and pour the sushi seasoning using the Shamoji to spread it evenly on the whole surface. Gently stir (with one hand) the rice using “cutting” motions to prevent the rice to get mushy and use the Uchiwa (with the other hand) to cool it down. Once the rice reaches body temperature, place a damp towel on it to prevent it from drying.
  4. Place the nori on the Makisu (I recommend putting some cling film to avoid rice from sticking), moisten your hands and place the rice on the seaweed. Gently spread the rice on the nori surface and sprinkle some sesame seeds. Flip it, add cream cheese, arugula, and salmon strips and roll it. Repeat the process to make another roll.
  5. With a damp knife, cut each roll into 8 equal pieces. Optional: Top it with salmon slices, cream cheese, and sesame seeds.