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Andrey Sirotkin: A Local's Guide to Kyiv
8 min

Andrey Sirotkin: A Local's Guide to Kyiv

Apr 19
8 min
Andrey Sirotkin

Привіт! I’m Andrey Sirotkin, a music producer and DJ from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ve been into underground electronic music since 2004. I began my electronic music path by listening to drum and bass. It was a long journey until I found my sound, which can be described as a mixture of deep techno, acid, and leftfield house/techno.

I run my label, Vyrii Records, and a monthly radio show, Andrey Sirotkin In The Mix, on Data Transmission Radio. I have consistently released new music every three weeks for the past two years.

I was born and raised in Kyiv, where I have grown up and changed alongside the city for the past three decades. It is one of my favorite cities worldwide, as it strikes a perfect balance between old and modern buildings, small residential houses, and colossal business centers, with vintage decoration elements and faceless facades.

Since February 2022, most of the buildings in the city have been damaged or destroyed by Russian rockets and war drones. Certain buildings are under reconstruction, and some have been destroyed beyond repair.

The downtown area is bustling with small, locally owned businesses, including cafes, bars, and bistros. However, due to the city's recent chaos and urgency over the past two years, these businesses may be at risk of disappearing or relocating to other areas if they're lucky enough to find a new location.

The war continues to leave marks everywhere, including in music. This mark can also be found in my latest two-track EP, “Kyiv-Lviv Express. “Kyiv-Lviv Express and “Your Room” reflect the story and emotions I felt while creating them.

This EP combines two stories: Riding the express train to my first DJ gig after the war began inspired me to produce "Kyiv-Lviv Express." The magic pill to overcome conflicting feelings of right and wrong, passion and guilt, and personal desire versus societal expectations inspired this track.

“Your Room” describes the feeling of avoiding entering the room of a person who was very close to me who passed away. The idea here is to save that image of the room in memories and visit it only in the dreams.

I have a lot of music that I would like to share with people. For this mix, I have carefully selected the tracks that are perfect for dancing in clubs, cooking breakfast, and starting the day with high energy. The mix includes the latest releases from my label, Vyrii Records, including a few unreleased and forthcoming tracks. You’ll find the tracklist at the bottom of this article.

Enjoy my guide to Kyiv and mix!


Mushlya / Мушля  Velyka Vasylkivska St, 43

Photo Credit: Mushlya's Instagram

Mushlya means shell in Ukrainian. This is an excellent place in the downtown area to eat oysters and drink wine or cocktails. It’s a perfect place for a date.

Zdorovyy Hluzd / Здоровий  Saksahanskoho St, 68/21

Photo Credit: Gluzd's Instagram

Zdorovyy Hluzd / Здоровий Глузд means good sense in Ukrainian. This restaurant specializes in meat-based menus and serves delicious cocktails and drinks. It is perfect for visiting with friends and family. A single plate serving is more than enough for two people.

Just Punk Tea Vasylia Tiutiunnyka St, 58

Photo Credit: Just Punk Tea's Instagram

Just Punk Tea, as the owners call themselves, is the next generation of tea houses. Here, traditional tea ceremonies and tastings of different types of tea are combined with other events, such as acoustic concerts or workshops.

Moloko Vid Fermera / Молоко Від Фермера Saksahanskoho St, 70/16

Photo Credit: Moloko Vid Fermera's Instagram

Moloko Vid Fermera / Молоко Від Фермера means milk from a farmer in Ukrainian. Farmer's Milk bakery, cafe, and market uniquely blend Ukrainian authenticity and modern consumption trends. It is the only place that sells sugar-free ice cream, delicious coffee, and healthy food for dining or takeout.


Electric Dreamers Bar Velyka Vasylkivska St, 48

Photo Credit: Electric Dreamers Bar's Instagram

Electric Dreamers Bar has an atmosphere that will take you away from reality. In addition to fantastic cocktails and drinks, there are a couple of Retro Arcade Machines. This place is regularly filled with music played by local DJs.

Sloi Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 26

Phot Credit: Sloi's Instagram

With its underground music policy, you'll be treated to an unforgettable night of music you won't find anywhere else. Sloi Bar first opened in 2021, and has since hosted over 700 parties. Unfortunately, Sloi will be closing on April 28th, so be sure to check out the remaining line-ups before they say goodbye.

Vinyl and Instrument Stores

MachineRoom 27 Gogolevska St

Photo Credit: MachineRoom's Instagram

MachineRoom is a hybrid of a studio and a showroom, where music is practiced in many ways – from making modules to playing hardware live. The main goal of the MachineRoom project is the development of the experimental live scene. For the last 3 years, MachineRoom has been developing and building Eurorack modules, conducting masterclasses, and club events under the MachineRoom brand.

Play Vinyl Vasyl Lypkivskyi St 16B

Photo Credit: Play Vinyl's Instagram

Play Vinyl is a new level of sound. Offering a wide selection of professional acoustics, vinyl and record players.


Keller Kyrlivska St 71

Photo Credit: Keller's Instagram

Keller is a super cool venue with two indoor dance floors, a perfect light system, and an extensive open-air area for more important events.

Kyrylivska 60 Kyrylivska St, 60

Photo Credit: Collider's Instagram

Kyrylivska 60 is a hub for various venues and studios, including Collider, KIIIK, Hello Tekno, and Studio 60.

V’yava Київ, вул.Мечникова 3

Photo Credit: V'yava's Instagram

V'yava is a venue for concerts and electronic music, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces. It hosts charity events and showcases international artists who visit Ukraine to perform and support Ukrainian causes.

Enjoy my mix below!


01. Andrey Sirotkin – Le Chat Gris / Vyrii

02. Andrey Sirotkin – I’m Eve (original mix) / Vyrii

03. Martyn Pasch, Octte - 2 am (Andrey Sirotkin release)

04. Andrey Sirotkin – My Shelter / Vyrii

05. Ocean Lam, Andrey Sirotkin – Diman / unreleased version

06. Andrey Sirotkin – Kyiv-Lviv Express / Vyrii

07. Andrey Sirotkin – Please Remain Calm/forthcoming Diffuse Reality

08. Andrey Sirotkin – Lend Me Your Ears (electro version) / Vyrii

09. Andrey Sirotkin – Alternative Uses Case / Vyrii

10. Andrey Sirotkin – Worst Time Travel Destination / Vyrii

11. Andrey Sirotkin – Sounds Like A Gum / Vyrii

12. Andrey Sirotkin – Fragile Sphere Of Everything / Vyrii

13. Andrey Sirotkin – Hot Palm Touch / Default Position

14. Andrey Sirotkin – Вирій / Mystictrax

15. Vadim Griboedov, Andrey Sirotkin – Блукач / Mystictrax

16. Andrey Sirotkin – In The Middle Of Nowhere / Systematic

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