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Marco Tegui: A Local's Guide to Ibiza
6 min

Marco Tegui: A Local's Guide to Ibiza

Aug 18
6 min
Marco Tegui

A paradise destination, Ibiza has long been a playground for people. No matter your age (young or old), there is always something to learn on the island. It's a cosmopolitan place where everyone can be who they want, and there’s always someone willing to help you. It has a lot of magic and magnetic energy from all the extraordinary things it has witnessed through the millennia.

For more than 30 years, Ibiza has been an electronic music destination helping to develop the scene and the taste for this genre globally. It hosts the best artists in the electronic scene and all its subgenres. The good vibe is so intense here that nobody wants to leave the island once the season ends.

Five years ago, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Ibiza for a gig, and from the moment we arrived, we knew this place was special. The island's unique vibe, the blend of culture, and the undeniable creative energy in the air made it clear that we would call this place home one day. Being surrounded by natural beauty and free-flowing inspiration here in Ibiza has been genuinely nourishing as an artist. Check out some of my favorite spots on the island.



Located in San Antonio, this Italian restaurant is surprisingly good!

Sanan Thai

Our favorite Thai food restaurants is in the port of San Antonio.


I have a residency here, and they make  excellent grilled seafood, the grilled octopus is delicious!

Restaurante Chino Internacional

Having grown up in Lima, Peru, I love Chinese food. This restaurant is excellent, even for me, who tends to be very picky regarding Chinese food.

Bars & Cafes

Cool Cafe

If you want freshly baked goods, this is the place to go.

Bar Anita

Located in San Carlos, this iconic bar displays the mailboxes of its neighbors inside.



One of my favorite clubs is Pacha. During my second year of living on the island, I had the privilege to make my debut with 'El Baile' by Storytellers.

Cova Santa

Great location where the Woomoon parties took place. It has a unique cave that is a sacred site in the area.


The newly opened Club Chinois was once known as the Heart Club. It comes strong with a diverse lineup of parties, and one of the bests sound systems on the island.


Las Dalias Market Club has one of the most outstanding acoustics on the island. You should take advantage of this underground nightclub.

I have not found any record stores on the island yet. You could always check the wide selection of used wax at Mercadillo de Sant Jordi or  Mercadillo Las Dalias de Ibiza.

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