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LB aka LABAT: A Local's Guide to Lyon
6 min

LB aka LABAT: A Local's Guide to Lyon

Jan 30
6 min

Welcome to my Lyon local guide! Did you know Lyon has been named “The Gastronomic Capital of the World” since 1935. Here are my favorite places in Lyon, enjoy!


FIKA - (2 Rue Fernand Rey, 69001 Lyon)
The best coffee and the kindest baristas ever! Lunch is great and so is their fine music selection.

GRAN CAFÉ DES NÉGOCIANTS - (1 Pl. Francisque Régaud, 69002 Lyon)
The best hot chocolate in town, quite expensive, but worth it.

BISTROT SENIOR - (25 Rue Sergent Blandan, 69001 Lyon)
My cantine, home of LYL Radio in Lyon , Bistrot Senior stands out with a superb wine selection and fresh food made by the chef, awesome music  plays through hand-made speakers. My all time favorite in Lyon!

GANG NAM - ( 6 Rue Thomassin, 69002 Lyon)
Gangnam is a Korean style restaurant serving top Bibimbap and other hot Korean BBQ. Its quite fancy when you enter the restaurant but the food is really traditional and service is really nice.

LYON TANDOORI - (130 Mnt de la Grande-Côte, 69001 Lyon)
Best hangover or Thursday movie meal in Lyon's main island, they do some crazy Indian dishes. I have never seen this restaurant close, you can go 24/7.


LE SUCRE - (50 Quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon,)
Best club in town ! This rooftop club laying right by the " Saone River '' is home of my residency. Lot's of good line ups and a nice sound system.

SUPER 5 - (2 Rue de Savy, 69001 Lyon)
If you hang around the 1st arrondissement , you might want to get a little pizza and a fine glass of espresso martini, (ask them late at night, they love it).


SOFA RECORDS - (7 Rue d'Algérie, 69001 Lyon)
One of the best selections of African music in France! Definitely the spot to cop some gems. Crazy second hand records arrive often.

UNITE CENTRALE - (12 Rue René Leynaud, 69001 Lyon)
This is the new electronic music record store in town! I go listen to records and smoke cigarettes with the owner, best selection before heading to a gig.

ONIGIRI RECORDS - (40 Rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon)
Very nice record store with lots of Japanese gems, a little backyard where you can have your coffee and cigarette break :).


RECEPTION Store - (3 Pl. Gailleton, 69002 Lyon)
Born in Lyon, this brand just opened up their own store in town, everything is made in Portugal with fine materials , they also have a GREEN LA corner, where the smoky heads can find some accessories ;).

PIÈCE OCCASION - (3 Rue Longue, 69001 Lyon)
If you fancy shopping for some sneakers and some designer clothes all second hand, then this is the place to go, they have a very large collection of sneakers going from Jordans to NB and also some crazy collabs. You can also grab some shades and Gucci bags for a fair price.


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