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Dear Humans: A Local's Guide to Los Angeles
6 Min Read

Dear Humans: A Local's Guide to Los Angeles

Oct 29
6 Min Read

Our special guests this week are L.A-based duo Dear Humans. They bring us the hottest spots to eat in the city of Angels in a concise city-guide with top notch recommendations for a meal cooked by someone other than yourself. We hope you put it to good use! And if you haven’t checked out their latest release on Connected, have a listen here – it’s with Italian-duo Armonica.

Petit Ermitage (8822 Cynthia St, West Hollywood)

This beautiful hotel of weirdness is a private members society that is by far one of our favorite spots in Los Angeles. On the rooftop there will always be something unexpected happening. The food, the staff (who actually enjoys working there, you can feel the sense of community in every way), the events, the whole atmosphere just comes together in this unique experience that is not to be forgotten or found anywhere else. During these Covid times they are open again. Petit has truly been a refuge!

Ysabel (945 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood)

The Indoor gardens are a dream. We love going here when we want to treat ourselves. The nice thing about Ysabel is that absolutely everything on the menu is delicious and that makes family style the only way to go while visiting this little gem. Which we luckily can do again! They are open for indoor dining as well as take out.

Rosaline (8479 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood)

I realize now that indoor gardens are our favorite. This Peruvian restaurant has opened its doors yet again for the full experience. Every dish on the menu is delicious but at the same time also the right amount of healthy. The cocktails are a must, since they’ve pretty much figured that out perfectly here.

Sushi Park (8539 Sunset Blvd #20, West Hollywood)

Smallest little sushi restaurant in a strip-mall in the middle of West Hollywood. It is the best kept secret in Los Angeles. Intimate, cozy, relaxed. Hands down best omakase experience in town. A place where they know your name, which is very rare nowadays. During the pandemic they are open for takeout, what a a blessing!

Kang Hodong Baekjeong (3465 W 6th St #20, Los Angeles)

Best Korean BBQ in LA. Tell them Corey sent you and you might skip the wait. Otherwise grab a drink while you’re waiting at Toe Bang. When you finish, there are a lot of great bars in Koreatown for a different kind of night. They are currently open for both dining in as well as takeout.

Pace (2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Los Angeles)

Long time favorite since day one. This beautiful little gem in the hills just above sunset, is where you run into friends before overeating on all the delicious Italian food the chef cooks up. The vibe is very nice, dark, romantic – and again, a garden like vibe at our favorite table, with the music and ambiance on point to make the experience complete.

To get the full occurrence we’ll have to wait a bit until Covid is all under control, but in the meantime Pace is open for takeout.

Zinque (600 Venice Blvd, Venice + 8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood)

Zinque has a special place in Alex’s heart forever. After driving back from her first burn to Los Angeles, she heard the next morning she just got signed by westcoast label EMPIRE and that she was moving to LA. To celebrate Alex Who? went to Abbot Kinney and asked people where the best burger and bold glass of red wine was to be found..The answer was Zinque. Have been coming back here ever since! Even now they are open for both takeout as well as dining in! (p.s: don’t forget about the shrimp taco’s with fried garlic flakes. It’s necessary!)

Dear Humans