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Deri Dako: A Local's Guide to Vilnius
6 Min Read

Deri Dako: A Local's Guide to Vilnius

Dec 3
6 Min Read

Vilnius is a compact city, mostly accessible by foot. It is a great place to live and visit. I’ll share a few of my favorite places for music, drinks, and food.

Another place to visit is to walk along the Neris river, which will lead you to Vingis park where I often go jogging.

In the summer there are a bunch of great music festivals happening outside in Vilnius, so it’s worth planning your visit during that time and checking out Braille Satellite - for a wide range of experimental music, Digital Tsunami if you are looking for a proper rave in the forest or Yaga for a more psychedelic experience.

Music / Bars

Love Bar (Pylimo g. 59)
Great bar with sleek bathrooms! Located in a booming station district it’s a perfect place to have some drinks, quite often they invite musicians to perform.

Peronas (Gelezinkelio g. 6)
This bar is literally on the station platform, with a mural of Tony Soprano on it. Spacious place with a few areas, they usually have DJ’s - a good place to start and end your night.

Kablys (Kauno g. 5)
One of the best venues for a night out. Everything from Berghain type of weekends (just way easier to get in) to more subtle live performances and concerts.

Duokle Angelams (Pilies g. 25)
Tasty cocktails and friendly staff. If you are looking for a drink which you haven’t tried, it’s a perfect place for that. I also heard they have the most expensive whiskey bottle in town.

Discotag (Jaksto g. 9)
Record shop - hidden in an old building of Vilnius, located very close to my studio. Vinyl, cassette tapes - a perfect place to get your souvenir.

Restaurants / Cafe

Saint Germain (Literatu g. 9)
A nice restaurant in an old town, good food. It is located in an authentic alley, so it’s worth going there in the summer so that you can sit outside.

Rene (M. Antokolskio g. 13)
Good place to have dinner and try craft beers. I go there quite often, they have a wide selection of different beers, always a good atmosphere and tasty food.

Le Travi (Uzupio g. 19)
Situated in the house I live in, an Italian restaurant run by Italians. Carbonara, being one of the dishes I know how to cook well, it’s always healthy to have some competition next door.

Donde (T. Sevcenkos g. 19)
Proper Tex-Mex tacos and margaritas. It's a casual place, with colorful decor, menu has both meat and vegetarian options. You can find the infamous Radio Vilnius across the street.

Blusyne (Savicaus g. 5)
Always a good choice for snacks and drinks. A cozy place to gather with your friends and have some nachos, quesadillas, and chicken wings.

Druska Miltai Vanduo (Aukstaiciu g. 7)
Best egg benedicts and cinnamon buns. A great place for brunch.