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Jazzuelle: A Local's Guide to Johannesburg
8 Min Read

Jazzuelle: A Local's Guide to Johannesburg

Sep 14
8 Min Read

This week the DJCB had the pleasure of learning about Jazzuelle’s favorite spots to eat, drink and listen to music in Johannesburg. We even learned that this man’s favorite food is the infamous American-Chinese dish Beef Chow Mein. A dish introduced to the artist by a local friend. Jazzuelle reports “I never really ate asian influenced food because I always thought I needed chopsticks to eat it. I’ve always gotten that wrong around my fingers, eating Chow Mein with a fork was a breakthrough moment for me. Once I tasted it I never looked back. Im kind of obsessed with it!”

If you haven’t yet, check out Jazzuelle’s debut album released on Get Physical Music titled Rebirth.

Favorite Bar (Dance Music):
Kitcheners Carvery Bar (71 Juta Street)

I can’t remember the exact time I first went into Kitcheners but I think it was around 2015 with the RBMA Bass Camp family, we stayed right next door at a hotel called the Bannister Hotel, after that weekend I’ve never really skipped a month of visiting the venue. This spot attracts a lot of creative people and is a haven for music lovers. I also host a monthly night there called Dark Disco. It’s also one of the oldest bar’s in Joburg and one of the most popular as well. Definitely one of my favorite places in South Africa.

Favorite Breakfast:
Bread & Roses (80 4th Ave)

Bread & Roses is one of my favorite breakfast hangouts at the moment, really healthy breakfast surrounded by like minded people. I always head over there between 10am and 1pm when its not so packed, the spot fills out really fast in the mornings. The staff is very friendly and also super convenient because it’s located  2 minutes from where I live. A really great spot for a tasty light meal. I recommend this spot to everyone.

Favorite Bar (Day):
Nuno’s Bistro & Bar Restaurant (7th Street in Melville)

Nuno’s is where I love to unwind during the weekday, cool quiet spot with fast internet and offers draft beers on tap. Great spot to just chill out alone and have a beer while working, decor is classic pub design and they also have a wide screen tv if you’re keen to check out any sports with mates. Menu is great too, I always go there for pizza and order the Godfather. Eat that for lunch and you’ll skip dinner, it packs a punc

Favorite Bar (Jazz):
Six Cocktail Bar (8 7th Street)

Six is one of the spots I frequent on a weekly basis in Melville, they have a great set up, friendly staff and some of the best cocktails around Joburg. One of the things that also attracts me to Six is their Wednesday night Jazz nights, which boasts Jazz artists playing live at the venue which is amazing! Nothing beats live music when you’re trying to unwind and relax. The food menu is also great, I usually eat the chicken or beef wraps as a light meal in between drinks if I’m feeling a bit empty. One of the best spots on 7th street, if not the best spot to hang out at.

Favorite Restaurant:
Pata Pata (286 Fox Street)

This is easily one of my favorite spots on this list. I used to frequent Pata Pata a lot when I was staying at Maboneng, which is also a creative hub and one of the most famous and busiest areas in Joburg. I used to live upstairs from Pata Pata and they always had bands playing there, I’d always wait upstairs until I heard music downstairs, the menu is also amazing! They have a lot of African cuisine on their menu so this will appeal to anyone who really wants to taste Johannesburg. I always have the oxtail and pap from the menu.