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Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic's Guide to Copenhagen
6 Min Read

Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic's Guide to Copenhagen

Nov 14
6 Min Read

This fall we got a tight guide of Copenhagen from Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic the team behind True Rotary Recordings. We hope you enjoy their favorite spots on your next visit to Denmark’s coastal capital.

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We were delighted when the Percy record shop opened it’s doors in February. With an eclectic collection of electronic music you will hardly leave the shop without a new find. Troels, the owner, will happily guide you and there’s always a great selection of second hand House and Techno records.)Percy Records Heimdalsgade 6B, 2200 København N   (

Den Røde Plads (Nørrebrogade 210, 2200 København N)

This is the perfect spot to just relax and have a break. Enjoy some of Copenhagen’s best skaters or just watch people passing by. Den Røde Plads, in the heart of Nørrebro, is a great example of how the city of Copenhagen embraces people and creates spaces for interaction.

Kösem Shawarma (Nørrebrogade 186, 2200 København N)

The Nørrebro district is where people from all over the world meet. It’s a lively environment and also probably the area in Scandinavia with the most shawarma restaurants. Our favourite is Kösem. There’s a competition every year in Nørrebro for the best shawarma and Kösem won the price the last two years. We recommend the simple pita that comes with a freshly baked bread. And don’t forget to ask for the chilli sauce.

)One of the most important social institutions of Denmark is the “bodega”. This is the local bars you will find all over Copenhagen and that will serve you a cold beer and a “lille” Danish akvavit any time. Many of these places are like time machines and you will meet all sorts of people and you are allowed to enjoy a cigarette inside as well. Eifeel Bar in Christianshavn near the harbour dates back to 1737 when sailors used to drink their sorrows away. Wildersgade 58, 1408 København KEiffel Bar  (

Stefanos (Stefansgade 33, 2200 København N)

Stefanos is a pizza joint on cozy Stefangade street run by the sweetest and most service-mindedTurkish guys we know. The pizza is great, but we love the burger. They don’t serve alcohol but they won’t mind if you bring your own glasses and a bottle of wine. And once again, don’t forget to ask for their homemade chili sauce, it’s delicious.

)  Cocio ( Istedgade 92, 1650 København VIsted Grill– the classic Danish cocoa and milk drink.This is one place you should not miss if you love street food. Mr. Lee immigrated from Taiwan in 1976 and has run Isted grill ever since. This spot is often our last stop before returning home after a late night out. This is where you go to get your Danish pork sandwich, ask for béarnaise sauce in your pork sandwich if you’re into that and it’s mandatory to have it with a

Oehlenschlægersgade 5<, 1663 København/a>)This is not a club but a great Italian trattoria. Perfectly balanced classic Italian food in a very relaxed atmosphere. There’s a fixed menu every night so not much to think about, have it all or just a bite. We love hanging out here drinking a bottle of wine and maybe ending the night with a pasta dish.

(Italo Disco

Banh MiElmegade 20, 2200 København N ( Go here for amazing vietnamese baguettes sandwiches and the lovely staff. Fresh vegetables and herbs with the most deliciously marinated beef and pork meat makes Banh Mi a delight every time. )

If you fancy champagne and expensive coctails in a classy and cosmopolitan environment, Balthazar, the bar in the five star Hotel D’angleterre is just the place for you. You need to dress up, but don’t be fooled, it’s relaxed and funky when inside and the music is curated by some of Copenhagen’s best DJ’s.  (BalthazarNy Østergade 6, 1101 København K)  

Cafe Dyrehaven (Sønder Blvd. 72, 1720 København V)

At Cafe Dyrehaven you can have it all. Start your day with breakfast and a coffee, relax with a classic Danish pilsner and just wait for lunch. Here you will eat the classic Danish smørrebrød. Dark rye bread with any topping you could think of. Fish filé, prawns and egg or roast beef, just pick your favorite. Later on you could have dinner or just drink more beer or cocktails while the place fills up with a lively and friendly crowd. This is where we like to just hang out with our friends.

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