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Mïus: A Local's Guide To Budapest
4 Min Read

Mïus: A Local's Guide To Budapest

Dec 8
4 Min Read

A couple of weeks ago the DJ Cookbook had a quick interview with Gergely Álmos, aka Mïus, on where to eat, shop and hang in Budapest. Whether you’re on the Buda or Pest side, you can easily find a delicious place to eat and/or chill. So if you’re headed to this eastern European city, here is a tight list to guide you through. Also, go check out his latest EP titled Isola on his self titled label, Mïus.


My favorite spot is Buda is Kelet Café and Gallery. It’s a great place with outdoor seating and lots of books. While you wait for your order you can get cozy and read a book, yours or borrowed.

In downtown Pest you can find My Little Melbourne and Fekete, two wonderful coffee shops offering specialty coffee and delightful sweet treats.

If you’re searching for the best pastries then Artizán Bakery on Hold Street is the place! It’s so worth it, they offer many types of breads and unique cakes. My favorite is the one with cardamom and vanilla cream. Just wait until you try it!

Last but not least, Pékműhely Bakeries, either in Pest or in the Buda side is the best place for delicious Kakaóscsiga (or ”chocolate snail”, aka: a chocolate rolled sweet dough) in the city, a typical hungarian delight!


In Budapest, street-food and gastropubs are very popular and there are often really great options. My two favorites are: Bors Gasztrobár and Rapaz


For an afternoon date or simply a good place to work you can go to Kino Café and Cinema and order a slice of freshly baked cake before or after watching a movie.


Young people in Hungary are mad for asian food and Budapest has the best pho and ramen soups in the country. The trendiest joint is Sáo. Here you should order the Pho, vegetarian dumplings and spring rolls without a doubt.

Ramenka, Dang Muoi Pho Bistro, Hanoi, Biwako Ramen House and Grocery, Komachi Bistro and Funky Pho are also great places to eat!

Late Night

Bar Központ is the place to hang, especially during summer nights. If you ever get hungry in this part of town you can get the best pizza at Igen. Also, Pontoon next to the Danube river is pretty magical, they often play really great live shows during summer nights.

On the way back home if you feel hungry, just go for the best tortilla on Király street, at El Bigote. You can also taste the famous Lángos (our deep fried flatbread) at Arany János street, next to the metro building; or you can stop by the market for some blood and/or liver sausages. You will not believe how delicious they are until you taste it!

Record Shops

Lemezbörze is a record market for collectors or simply just for experiencing, it is so nice to see the street full of vinyl, CDs and posters. A must visit if the market coincides with your visit.

Unfortunately, only a few records stores exist in Budapest, my favorite and most frequented is Musicland Record Store.  It’s a really lovely place to get lost in and find new or second-hand vinyl, as well as lot’s of trinkets. They also organize live acts in the store for special events like Record Store Day.