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San Proper: A Local's Guide To Amsterdam
6 Min Read

San Proper: A Local's Guide To Amsterdam

Oct 16
6 Min Read

With Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 kicking off this week we got ahead of the game and got ourselves a city guide from one of the most emblematic members of this city’s rich dance music community, San Proper, who put together some great selections for us to check out during this years ADE extravaganza.

Check out San’s latest EP release on Japanese label Sound Of Vast titled Friendly Tears; a collaboration between San Proper, Hreno and The Mole featuring Tom Trago.


Het Volkshotel – (Wibautstraat 150)
This hotel is great to stay at. Worlds collide because of the international crowd, but also because of the musical studios and various artists which collaborate, meet up and expose their art here. It’s a very easy-going, funky and inspiring place to hang out.

Rialto – (Ceintuurbaan 338)
This cinema is not only cute, cozy and classic at the same time, it also has a great selection of movies and often connects with cultural cinematic festivals about independent film, plus there’s often food to accompany the styles and themes of these events, yes, it really represents an international vibe of culture.


Cafe Bloemers – (Hemonystraat 70)
This is a great place for lunch in the classic Dutch sense with an occasional mediterranean twist. Poached eggs, pancakes, powerful smoothies and tasty toasties. The evening-menu also rocks. They have a crazy-nice veggie-burger, plus they play great soulful music all day long, eargasms guaranteed.

De Japanner – (Albert Cuypstraat 228)
Sora – (Albert Cuypstraat 210)
I have a soft-spot for Japanese food, and these are two of my favorites in town. While De Japanner has great food in a fusion fashion, late-night dining and the likes of a bar-setting as well, Sora on the other hand represents the authentic Japanese style in a true sense further down the road at the Albert Cuyp Street-market in de Pijp, the neighborhood where I grew up which will always make me feel nostalgic.

Cannibale Royale Ruysdael – (Ruysdaelkade 149)
Even though I’m not much of a carnivore I spend most of my  afternoons reading and chilling out here. This restaurant serves a mean piece of meat, offers great drinks, has lovely staff, great service and a good vibe as well. I sometimes consider it as a second home…

Viscafe De Gouden Hoek – (Van Limburg Stirumplein 10A)
My favorite place for fish in Amsterdam. It’s located in de Staatsliedenbuurt, a very funky and sentimental hood for me and this restaurant has an intimate romantic vibe although it’s very relaxed and is absolutely not stuck-up, or overpriced or too fancy at all. I did some punk-paintings here and there to dirty-up the interior, but I love it here for the food. Oh, and by the way; they are closed on Mondays.

Record Shops

Rush Hour Records – (Spuistraat 116)
It’s been my favorite record-store since they opened their doors more than 20 years ago. The label released my first releases, but it has been an institution for many. I’m referring to the parties and in-store-events they organize as well, alongside the great selection of records they offer.

Redlight Records – (Oudekerksplein 22)
It might seem like a hidden gem, and that’s exactly what it’s about, digging for treasures, some might consider this record store to sell over-priced records, but I beg to differ for the pieces of vinyl you’ll find here are truly rarities and worth the funk of going home broke. By the way, the infamous Redlight Radio Studio is located in the front where I proudly do my shows every month. Dr. San Proper’s Soulshow, check it online, but I would advise you to leave this stream running non-stop, for every show done has a wide range of selectors and they’re all more than worth it.

Platypus Records – (Zeedijk 45A)
Behind this brand new record shop is the legendary team entitled Duo Penossi who plays at Salto-Radio every Wednesday at 22:00 until midnight with their crazy-lovely selection of low-budget-tracks which they dig up at flea-markets. Throughout the years they kept on amazing me with their HotmamaHot collective and and it’s platform of creativity. And now they have a record-store in the heart of Amsterdam.

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