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Soul Clap's Restaurant Guide to Seattle
6 Min Read

Soul Clap's Restaurant Guide to Seattle

Oct 12
6 Min Read

Soul Clap loves to eat and Seattle makes it really easy to do so. Food takes precedence here, we get it.

1. Ba Bar: Vietnamese Street Food, located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, is a versatile dining spot that can satiate a travelers needs. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus late night on weekends.

What makes them awesome you ask? Their killer bakery, for one, a badass Mosco Mule and a heartwarming list of bowls, soups and nibbles that can smooth your travel angst and help you re-charge and live in the moment.

It is clear that Saigon-born owners and siblings, Sophie and Eric Banh, know what they’re doing, and sure have a taste for it.

Visitors Advice: The place does not accept Reservations therefore they can get mobbed; give yourself sometime, I promise it will be worth it.

2. Tallulah’s, lives tucked away on a corner of a hill-side in Capitol Hill. It’s open floor and wrap around bar is inviting, while its décor is mod forward.

Although Brunch is served on the weekends I can only vouch for Dinner. It is undoubtedly a neighborhood spot, not because they resemble a diner in any way, but because it’s the kind of place where you would want to eat more than once a week. It’s what the American version of the Trattoria/Bistro should be. This is the perfect place for a travelling appetite.

Overall this spot is vegetable forward, light, bright and seasonal; with a Lamb Burger available to round things out. Most plates are sharable and if you’re more than three people I highly recommend doubling your Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Peaches and Arugula order.

Owner and in tune Seattle Restaurateur Linda Derschang along with Chef Walter Edward have made of Tallulah’s a super cozy and healthy hang out experience.

Visitors Advice: Make a Reservation. Take Uber/Drive

3. Kisaku Sushi, is hands down one of the best omasake sushi spots we’ve eaten at period. Located in the neighborhood of Meridian, It is up there with legit Tokyo joints like Kidoguchi Sushi and Abe Sushi. Even though the decor of the restaurant could be compared to your average neighborhood eatery, you simply cannot judge this book by its cover. Highlights, you ask? The salmon to be specific, in all it’s three varieties (from lowest fat content to fattiest) is exceptional, and how couldn’t it be if early September is the best month to catch the widest variety of salmon found in the Coasts, Rivers and Sound of Seattle’s neighboring waters.

We recommend you sit at the bar and eat till your hearts content; the sushi chef will guide you on your journey. And if you’re feeling extra adventures (and your lucky cause it’s in season) ask for the Geoduck sushi, it is native to Seattle and probably the freakiest clam you’ll ever eat in your life. I guess when in Rome… Oh and make sure you check out a picture of it so you know what kind of freaky we mean.

Visitor’s advice: Closed on Tuesday’s. Go for lunch, sushi is always cheaper and equally as good at noontime.

4. Cafe Juanita, owned by James Beard award winner Holly Smith, is a high-end Northern Italian style restaurant. Located in a beautiful low-rise home converted restaurant about 35 years ago in Kirkland – a meager 20-minute drive across the river from Seattle. If you have something to celebrate; this is the place for you. But even if you don’t, being in Seattle is reason enough to make the trip. Food is rich, adequately sized and memorable.

We recommend you order a la carte, tastings are often excessive and time consuming. Plus we believe you can try more flavor profiles by elegantly sharing dishes with your dinner partner/s. We really enjoyed the aperitivi of anchovies and Blackberry Farm Saison and rabbit liver with Ransom gin and huckleberry jam. The octopus, fresh water eel, burrata, orecchietti and rabbit were also exceptional. Clearly, you must show up ravenous to fully enjoy the experience.

Visitor’s advice: Clientele is older, therefore a lot more overdressed, we suggest you spruce it up with a jacket or a nice pair of kicks to not feel too out of the loop.

5. The Wondering Goose, located in the heart of Capitol Hill is a southern inspired whimsical joint, perfect for brunch after a night of heavy drinking. Their specialties include biscuit sandwiches, fried chicken n’ grits, oyster po’ boys, and brisket and eggs, to name a few. Food here is decadent, but rest assured that it comes from good stock. The menu is mostly seasonal and very community oriented, as they have lots of baking and cooking classes that take place in house. Go for the food, stay for the story.

Visitor’s advice: Bring an appetite and then walk it off. Fried Chicken Friday’s 5pm – 9pm.