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TALKTOME: A Local's Guide to Barcelona
4 Min Read

TALKTOME: A Local's Guide to Barcelona

Mar 5
4 Min Read

This week on The DJCB we have a 48-hour city guide with Barcelona’s native TALKTOME. Check it out for some dreamy inspiration of travel-times post-Covid. TALKTOME has a busy 2021 lined up with a raft of new music which began in December 2020 with ‘Beerds’. The artist’s years of experience have been distilled into his latest productions which are set to culminate in an album later in the year.

His latest release “Callin” is a delightfully deep slice of left-of-center electronic music fuelled by laid-back drum
programming, rich bass, and TALKTOME’s ethereal vocals. It’s part house, part nu-Disco and an infectious affair from start to finish. The second version comes from the mysterious Roselet, whose “Don’t Get Used To It” mix, journeys into more pared-back house territory with an interpretation that rolls back the synths and lets the vocals shine. Find it at the bottom of this perfect city guide to this legendary city.


After a 12 minute walk, we arrive at Galerias Olimpia, a venue that has become a hub for vinyl shops. Don’t be afraid of this spot when you glance at it from the outside. Here, you’ll get into the deep and weird “Barcelona”. In it, you can find Record ShopsO-RetornoGalerias Olimpia (Ronda Sant Pau 17) (C/ Joaquin Costa, 4)Bar .  All run by experienced local night diggers. No website available, of course. (Carrer Compte d’Urgell, 168) Crokan’s Mutant Store   (Carrer de Ferlandina, 39, 08001)Vinilarium33|45 Bar & Gallery and Discos ParadisoWe are already a bit tired, it would be a nice idea to find a place to eat and have some drinks. 33/45 is a multipurpose-space where you can have dinner while enjoying an exhibition. You can also relax on their sofas and have a few drinks before going to the club, of course always accompanied by good music.  , Nowadays, with the Covid situation, you can only go for lunch from 1 pm to 3:30 pm. So let’s imagine you arrive, on a Friday morning, in sunny Barcelona… After picking you up at the airport, we start our tour by eating some fresh “Pulpo Feira” en O Retorno.  One of the most tender octopus dishes in town. Rhythm ControlNow we go leave your luggage and it’s time for an afternoon of deep digging! We start at Discos Paradiso, run by the Discos Paradiso crew, with a supreme taste for all kinds of music, but mainly influences by electronic music. It has an extensive collection that could take days to really dig into.


Nitsa Club (Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113)

It’s Friday and we are veeeery close to Nitsa Club @ Apolo. One of the biggest electronic music clubs, located close to Paralel, our own “Broadway”. With one of the strongest international line-ups in the city.

Post Party Meal / Breakfast

La Cova Fumada (Carrer del Baluard, 56)

Saturday morning, need to recover and to get closer to the beach. We start in La Barceloneta, where you can find “La Cova Fumada” a typical fisherman’s restaurant that starts serving food early in the morning. Recommend trying at least one of their “bombes” (bombs).

More Record Shopping

Ultra Local Store (C/ Pujades, 113 local 2)

Next stop is the Ultra Local Records store in Poblenou, which specializes in independent labels and local artists.


Next, we take a walk towards the beach to Bus Terraza. A terrace in the Forum (where Primavera Sound Festivals used to happen). There you can find daily great local DJs and live music. You probably won’t know them, but the music is always great. Every day from noon onward. Casa Cabo I recently discovered a sunny terrace close to the store. Casa Cabo, with a variety of amazing tapas and local dishes. My favorite suggestions are the chicharrones and their slow-cooked meats aside from all their vegetarian options which are also delicious.  (Carrer de Ramon Turró, 19)Bus TerrazaPost-Lunch stroll    (Avinguda del Litoral 488, 08019, Barcelona)  

Quick Dinner

La Porca (Carrer de Mata, 16)

Some drinks later, we take a taxi going back to Paralel. We eat something fast and go to the Club. La Porca has amazing sandwiches and amazing patatas bravas too. Plus, it’s next to our next stop.


Laut Club (C/Vila i Vilà, 61 Bis)

You can’t leave Barcelona without going to Laut. A small club for experienced clubbers that appreciate intimate dark spaces, good sound, and electronic music. With many local collective parties and some international DJs that bigger clubs don’t usually book.

Post Party Meal / Brunch

Can Dende (Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 44)

Sunday morning, last spot. Let’s try to come back to life with a late brunch at Can Dende. It’s close to where I live, and they have the best Benedict eggs I’ve ever tried. I use to order them with pulled pork, but you can also go for salmon or bacon. Drinks: Iced tea or Pink Lemonade, there’s also the option to add some rum. ; )

I want to send my best wishes to all restaurants, bars, clubs, and everyone who is suffering from the Pandemic, not just in Barcelona. I hope we can come back to our lives (as close to as before the Covid situation) soon.

And get ready, because, after all these pandemic lockdowns, the comeback of nightlife will be an amazing experience to live through.